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CARMAR improves his truck fleet in Madrid
Carmar Madrid
Barcelona 26/09/2018
In our aim to improve our services, we can communicate that we have increase since September, our vehicles at CARMAR Madrid business unit.
Thanks to this investment, we will be able to improve our collection services to our customers, with more capacity as flexibility.
New incorporation in CARMAR Tenerife
Barcelona 26/07/2018
Starting August 1st, we have the pleasure to introduce Javier Ramirez in our team, who becomes Operations Manager in our Tenerife office.
We are sure that Javier will perform his new functions in an excellent way, since he has an extensive professional experience in the sector, and is a versatile person with great resolutive capabilities.
We welcome him and wish him good luck in his new career steps.
CARMAR wants to invest for our planet
Barcelona 20/06/2018
In CARMAR we chouse suppliers that care about our world and the environment.
The big "polluting" effect in our business is in maritime transport, reason why in CARMAR we choose suppliers that care about our objectives, and they invest every day for  improvements and respect to our environment.  
Find attached the “Carbon Footprint traceability document” for the traffics we have participated.
CARMAR sales team annual meeting
Barcelona 28/05/2018
Once again, the CARMAR sales team returns to meet. In this annual meeting new strategies are defined, ideas and projects are presented, and guidelines are established to adapt the services to the demands of the sector. A company as CARMAR has the ability to adapt to the changing dynamics of their customers, and this  meeting is useful to identify their needs, discuss expectations and offer solutions.
Barcelona 06/04/2018
Know the situation of the merchandise of the clients is fundamental for the logistics organization of the companies, for that reason CARMAR has the “Mobility” system to offer precise information about the status and evolution of the shipments, as well as the location of the vehicles that transport it. This system allows us to offer more information and security to our customers and add a plus to our quality services.
Be “Partners” has its own compensation
In CARMAR we like, not only to think on business, but also to contribute in the society where we all act.
We are very proud to have been able to collaborate with the Balear Asperger Association, where we could contribute, even it is a small action, that children with this Syndrome, can have a better attention.
We are sure that this is the 1st step, from many more to come.
CARMAR joins to the three wise men parade
Barcelona 09/01/2018
This year we are proud to participate in the parade, the three wise men have chosen us to carry up some gifts. In our parade we are also very much looking forward to providing the maximum illusion and love so the little ones could enjoy our carriage, delivering joy and candies.
Congratulations to our Balearic Director
Barcelona 11/12/2017
CARMAR feels proud and wants to congratulate, Ezequiel Horrach, our Balearic Director, who has also been chosen to be the President of Balearic Transportation.
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary, we could see Ezequiel giving a speech to more than 400 assistants. CARMAR feels proud for his participation and involvement into the sector.
CARMAR opens new facility at Canary Islands
Barcelona 07/11/2017
In the process of growing of CARMAR to all the isles of Peninsula Iberica, we are proud to announce that CARMAR opened on July the 1st of 2017, a new facility at Gran Canarias, at El Goro industrial zone.

This facility is to cover the needs of CARMAR related to the growth of volumes we are experiencing at that destination and to also keep supporting the Logistics need of warehousing.

Juan Jose Hernadez, Regional Director of Canarias, and all his team, are working hard to improve and show that growing when difficult times, is not impossible.

This new facility is Strategic for CARMAR, in order to expand his Logistics support in the market and be more efficient and flexible with the distribution of the Isle.
Tracoesa and CARMAR join forces
Barcelona 16/10/2017
CARMAR carries on with the project started in 2015, with the aim of becoming the leading insular shipping company.
After all these years, our strengthening process has led Carmar to conclude an agreement with Tracoesa Insular, based in Madrid, and its insular transport services.
Today, we welcome the new Madrid-based team, formed by 4 people who will be joining our Coslada office.
Ahora si chicos!!!!! Y poner la foto que os adjuntoooo
People who collaborate
Barcelona 02/08/2017
All employees of CARMAR are pleased to have received from Banco de Alimentos from Las Palmas, the gratitude for our collaboration with them. With our small contribution, we hope to have supported several families with special help/needs due to the consequences of this year of crisis.
If you wourd like to help, please visit the following link: http://www.bancoalimentoslpa.org/
Download your bill using the Web
Barcelona 26/07/2017
CARMAR is always willing to innovate, seeking for solutions that can make the day to day of our customers easier.
Due to that reason, we have include the option through our WEB site, to download the customer invoice. This will help our customers to have all the information electronically and in a much easier way.
We continue our rout for improvements thanks to the contribution of our customers and employees who are the assets of CARMAR, due to their really good ideas that makes us follow what the market requests are.
Introduction of the Pallextrack App and the new version of Twine V3 system by Pall-Ex Iberia
Barcelona 13/07/2017
CARMAR attends the introduction of internal use Pallextrack application, It took place at Transports Ayach Girona plant. Javier Arroyo, Operations Manager of the Network presented the act. CARMAR was present through Ezequiel Horrach, Balearic Islands Director and Francisco Pueyo, Key User.
These new tools improve the communication between the members and gives a better traceability of the shipping in transit.
A good deal of paper and logistics
Barcelona 07/06/2017
Torraspapel Distribución, distributor in Spain of Lecta group, trusts in CARMAR for the logistics and distribution of its products in Balearic and Canary Islands. Torraspapel Disctrbución its an european leader manufacturing and distribution Company of especial papers for labels, flexible packaging, coated and no coated paper for comercial editing, printing and other high value added printing stuff.
Both companies follow a mutual target: continuous improvement, knowing, valuing and satisfying the customer requirements. Accomplishing the commitments targets and taking a proactive position in the offer of products and services.
CARMAR continues with improvements
Barcelona 16/05/2017
Following our policy of continuous improvement and thank to our customers questions/suggestions, we have include the vessel and container number in our WEB page information.
This information can be crucial for our Canary customers, where Customs processes are held.
Feedback of our customer is very important for us. We expect to keep improving our services and added value information thanks to the help of everyone.
Find enclosed in our web site the SAD. CARMAR favour the environment
Barcelona 30/03/2017
Carmar, in his efforts to help the environment following his Green Policies, and due to the efforts to make shipment information easier to our customers, has implanted at the customer portal of our Webpage, the DUA document in pdf.
This will help customers to have the information in an easier way, and at the same time to not have to print it on paper.
In CARMAR we are aware that time is money and that we have to take care of our environment, reason why we strive to make this happen, day by day!
CARMAR invests again in Team Building
Barcelona 14/02/2017
In order to achieve goals, it´s very important ho count on a great team. In CARMAR we know how to work to a same goal in order be successful. This is the reason why CARMAR Baleares decided to build a better team and work on a different activity, that builds relation and allows to promote values as achievement, team building, cohesion and solidarity.
“We are CARMAR, we are Pall-Ex”
Convencion Pall-Ex 2017
Barcelona 09/02/2017
CARMAR, as a proud member of the Pall-Ex network (network that was launched in Spain six years ago), did participate on the last Annual Conferences, where the next developments are discussed with the group.
The continued efforts for improvement and co-working in CARMAR and the rest of the members, has put us the objective to achieve Excellence in order to further improve our services.
This focus brought Pall-Ex so far, to be well recognized in the Spanish Transport Platforms, as one of the leaders in the market.
We are sure that in 2017 we will achieve again the network goals, as all members do work as one team.
CARMAR wants to thank Pall-Ex to have included us on the event that happened on January the 27th in Logroño.
We are CARMAR, we are Pall-Ex
General Management and Commercial Meeting (CARMAR 2017)
Barcelona 19/01/2017
Once again on 16 and 17 January, the entire management of CARMAR (Directors of departments and delegations) will be reunited. As well as the entire Commercial Department team, to discuss and start the strategy for 2017.

The entire management team exposed and analyzed the Project Plan of each department to face successfully 2017 and improve the company through the new ideas, products and operating systems, placing it as a benchmark in this market segment.
New addition to the CARMAR group as Commercial Director
Barcelona 11/01/2017
Since last January 1st of this year, Esteban Figueroa assumes the commercial management of the CARMAR group. Figueroa is a great professional with a trajectory of more than 25 years in the sector of the cabotage in Spain

Carmar has incorporated for his wide experience in this type of projects, and to continue developing the commercial job at the level of the Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands and give a new focus to the department.

We wish the best in this new stage, we are sure that together we will achieve the business objectives of our strategic plan.
CARMAR will be his own dispatcher and requests to the customers the clearence authorizations
Barcelona 04/01/2017
During the 2016 we have been working and managing to be custom dispatchers. From 01/01/2017 CARMAR will be his own customs operator and we will dispatch on our behalf, because of that we have made a campaign to request all our customers hisclearence authorizations in the name of CARMAR to be able to dispach in front of the costums house.
You can request it through AEAT web:
Authorized data: Carmar Soluciones Logísticas S.L.
Type of authorization: GLOBAL
Presentation carácter: AMBAS
Since current date to indefinite or yours interests
CARMAR collaborates with the Food Bank
Barcelona 23/12/2016
Thanks to the collaboration arrangement between CARMAR SOLUCIONES LOGISTICAS and BANCO DE ALIMENTOS DE LAS PALMAS, we have been able to deliver 8 pallets of cereals from Barcelona. Because of that they can continue with the great work that they do among the most needy.
Carmar is proud to fulfill with the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

We appreciate the BANCO DE ALIMENTOS DE LAS PALMAS work. 
We are renovating the fleet of vehicles for distribution in the Balearic and Canary Islands.
Barcelona 23/12/2016
Keeping on with our constant improvement policy and being able to offer a quick service according to the requirements of our clients, Carmar is renovating the distribution fleet of light vehicles in Canary and Balearic Islands. We are consolidating a modern and respectful with the environment fleet which reduces the CO2  emissions more tan 30%.
CARMAR has been franchised from DB Schenker to the Balearic Islands for more than 20 years.
Barcelona 22/12/2016
Being DB Schenker the most important customer of the list of CARMAR. The Management Team of CARMAR is very proud to belong to this great group.
We have gone through a lot all this time. Several changes and business fusions, always knowing how to adapt to the new situations and circumstances. Always collaborating and maintaining the highest volumes of cargo moved from the market between The Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
Meaning that Carmar is one of the leading companies in the Balearic Islands, both in services and in moved weight.
CARMAR again broadens his fleet
Barcelona 16/12/2016
Faithful to our policy of constant improvement and continuing with our expansion plan. Carmar again expands its fleet of vehicles and containers to be more competitive in service and thus reinforce and increase our constant rotation of our own material from any of our delegations.
In this case it is the purchase of refrigerated semitrailers, tractors and more containers.
This investment is essential to renew the old fleet as well as to support the growth we have had in 2016 and we expect to increase in 2017.
CARMAR sponsors the Sub 16 national tennis circuit
Barcelona 14/12/2016
Following our policy and according our values of commitment, dedication, effort and overcoming. The same kind of values that we find in SPORTS.
Carmar will sponsor the Open Gran Canarias. A scoring test for the national tennis circuit SUB 16.   The championship will be held this weekend in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.
CARMAR. A great team:
Barcelona 15/11/2016
Once again the team of CARMAR runners has participated in a sporting event: The NIGHT RUN OF “LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA”.
Although it started as a team building initiative, the CARMAR runners team is becoming a very competitive team and is getting very good classifications.
The team has been already registered to participate in the next Gran Canarias Marathon, the GCM to be held on 22/01/2017.
Time Change and a possible special regime for the Balearic Islands
Barcelona 26/10/2016
Balearic Government has requested the possibility of not apply the “time change” coming on 29/30 October. Claiming its geographical situation, the eastern area of the Peninsula. The place where sunrise and sunset take place before than other places.It means while in Galicia they still have daylight in The Balearic Islands haven’t had daylight for over an hour ago.
This measure will allow them to earn more than an hour of daylight,  saving energy and improving its main source of incomes.
Maybe, In the future we will say:
“CARMAR one hour less in the Canary Islands and  in The Balearics Islands”
CARMAR reports about 2017 Bank holidays Calendar
Calendario laboral 2017
Barcelona 17/10/2016
According to the BOE No. 244, Resolution October 4, 2016, The general direction of employment has published the national 2017 bank holidays calendar.
Express service between Galicia - Canary Islands
Barcelona 23/09/2016
A new Express innovating Service has been implemented by Carmar in Galicia area, being Carmar at this moment the only company offering this service.

This Express Service connecting Galicia and Canarias is about a Transit Time of 3 to 5 days.
The collection deadline in Galicia (city area) is on Thursday, the departure on Friday and delivery in The Canaria Islands (city area) on wednesday.

This service is now operational and is focused especially on The Christmas campaign.

For quotation or further information please contact: 

Ms. Guacimara Abadin
Tel: 606 52 54 41
Barcelona City town hall press release about traffic restrictions in Barcelona (Car Free Day)
Barcelona 21/09/2016
"Barcelona held on Thursday September 22 the day without cars. This year will take place on a working day coinciding with “the world day without cars”. 
A total of 54 cuts of secondary and local streets in all the districts, have been scheduled to be able to perform different civic activities. There will also be 2 traffic restrictions in 2 of the main roads of the city, where some lanes will be reduced to prioritize public transport.
16 cuts will take place in the morning, 28 in the afternoon, and 12 cuts affecting practically the whole day (including the 2 main roads restrictions)."
New acquisition of equipment in CARMAR
Barcelona 12/09/2016
CARMAR makes a strong investment in own equipment: TEUs containerships platforms such as 20 and 45 feet.
Always keeping in mind our policy of continuous improvement and aiming to provide better and faster service to our customers. And to continue offering a constant rotation and a quality service with Balearic and Canary Islands.
CARMAR changes the direction of its facilities in Menorca
CARMAR Menorca
Menorca 21/07/2016
Hereby we are pleased to inform you that according our policy of constant improvement of service, we have moved to new premises in Menorca. These new facilities are some of the most extensive operational that can be found on the island, and will amply cover all our needs in Menorca either distribution, loading, unloading and logistics in general. 

Our staff will remain the same and the new address and contacts details are as follows : 

C/. Biniarroca nº 39
07710 Sant Lluis (Menorca) 
Tf. 902 042 900
CARMAR in the Buti Buti 2016: The “Logistics community of Barcelona” party.
Barcelona 27/05/2016
CARMAR  was present at the VI Party of The “Logistics community of Barcelona”. More Known as THE BUTI BUTI. The event was really successful, and brought together more than 2.500 transport and logisticis professionals in The ZAL (Prat deLlobregat).
The sector companies fell short and we all enjoyed a splendid day. A party where The CARMAR Group was specially present and vey participatory.
Pall-Ex V Operarating Dates
Barcelona 27/06/2016
The workshop  took place in thePall-Ex facilities In Madrid, and representing CARMAR were:
Basilio Zapata, Director of Madrid
Javier Soto, Sales Manager  
Francisco Pueyo,  Key User
Javier Arroyo, the Operations Responsible, was in charge of teaching these days. Some different problems and different points of view between the network members were the principal matters that were treated. It was also Mercedes Peribañez,, the Depot 501 responsible, who is the main network reference.
CARMAR in the 5th Aniversary of the Pall-Ex Iberia Implemntation.
Pallex 5º aniversario
Barcelona 13/06/2016
Last June 3, on Friday, a Pall-Ex Iberia event took place. An event organized to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of their implementation in Spain.  CARMAR was there represented by its General Manager (Raul Fores), the Director of Barcelona (Francesc Pina) and the Communication Manager (Sergio Gomez). We were there as part of this network, bringing quality and professionalism with our shipping service in Baleares and Canarias.
CARMAR in the launch ceremony of the Balearia ferry “Dénia Ciutat Creativa”
Barcelona 02/06/2016
Representing CARMAR: The Operations Director Francisco Pina and the Marketing and Customer Service Director Josep Brullas.
The Ferry is the fourth vessel of the Balearia Shipping companie,  operating, in this case, in daily basis linking Barcelona with Menorca.

Adolfo Utor, the President of Baleaira, has pointed out the coincidence between the launching and the thirteenth anniversary of the starts ofBalearia operations in the Port of Barcelona (on May 30, 2003). He also remarked that this year will be presented the first vessel of the companiehaving a GNL engine (liquefied natural gas).

Meanwhile Sixte Cambra, the Barcelona Port Presidente, thanked the shipping companie, their innovatice mind,  hoping  this new challenge  has a “call effect” in the maritime sector. Meaning the GNL use is a competitive element.
CARMAR has already  a Partnership with Balearia and "growth expectations" from both Barcelona and Valencia.
CARMAR in the Buti Buti 2016: The “Logistics community of Barcelona” party.
Barcelona 27/05/2016
CARMAR  was present at the VI Party of The “Logistics community of Barcelona”. More Known as THE BUTI BUTI. The event was really successful, and brought together more than 2.500 transport and logisticis professionals in The ZAL (Prat deLlobregat).
The sector companies fell short and we all enjoyed a splendid day. A party where The CARMAR Group was specially present and vey participatory.
One team, One project, One goal.
Barcelona, 05/10/2016
Someone said once that the longest way begins with a simple step. Carmar has started a new way. A new long and difficult way. However, we have the team and the determination which will guide us to reach our aim, and you are this renewing spirit that encourage us to follow this way.
Carmar operations managements team:
Imagen 002
Barcelona 05/02/2016
Following our policy improvement and the objective to achieve the highest quality in ours services: CARMAR has created a new Team that will take the Direction of the Operations: 

-        Juan Jose Hernandez in The Canary Islands 
-        Ezequiel Horrach in The Balearics 
-        Pere Brullas Soler in The Peninsula. 

Juan Jose:
“KNOWING HOW works the sector and offer good service is only half of the work. Just as important is to be known by our customers. And that will be my goal. Placing Carmar as one of the leading logistics companies specializing in the link between the Canaries and the Peninsula”.

“I have been working on Transportation and Distribution of Goods (in The Balearics) from many years ago. Keeping quality in our services is not an easy task. That’s why we carry on working to be able to offer the best service”. 


“Carmar is growing and our Logistics Centers are becoming more. Coordinate the whole group is a big challenge and effort. 
But we have a very valuable asset: a great team”.
The partnership ELECTROLUX - CARMAR has been extended for 2 years.
Barcelona 14/04/2016
ELECTROLUX SPAIN SAU has been conducting a tender on the market to revise its costs and especially the managing of the IBERIA Market with The “Archipielagos”. “CARMAR SOLUCIONES LOGISTICAS, S.L. has been chosen again. 

This gives CARMAR the opportunity to continue to show over the next two years, that is the most suitable partner. 

The decision has been made by ELECTROLUX not only because CARMAR has been able to establish a competitive economic offer, but also because while we have been working, CARMAR has provided a stable , efficient and quality service in The Canary “Archipelago” with a close and professional treatment. 

The Management Team of CARMAR is very proud to extend this agreement, and we will work hard not only to renew it in a future, but also grow with our Partner ELECTROLUX 

This award confirms CARMAR  as one of the leading companies in service and cargo volume moved between Peninsula and The Balearic and Canary Islands. 
CARMAR with the sport
Barcelona 08/03/2016
We are proud to announce that Carmar has formed a team with 4 employees from our office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We have enrolled them in the "Race of the Companies", a running event organized by the newspaper Canarias 7. 
The Race will be on 24 April 24 at 11:45 h, through the streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
It will be a great opportunity for our employees to take part in something different and very exciting together. Come on guys.
New incorporation to the management of the financial department
Eva José Franco
Barcelona 17/02/2016
We are pleased to inform you about the new incorporation to CARMAR of Eva José Franco as a Financial and Administration Manager.
Eva José has a wide experience in administration and finance in several prestigious companies of different sectors as Food Industry, logistics, …
With the incorporation of Eva Jose in CARMAR, we will implement the correct management of the financial and administration department as well as agile and transparent financial management.
CARMAR Board meeting for 2016
Barcelona 28/01/2016
All Board members of CARMAR together with all Branch Managers and Sales team, have celebrate a meeting on January the 19th of 2016 in Barcelona, in order to launch and follow the 2016 CARMAR strategy.
All together, have start the engine of CARMAR for this 2016 in order to succeed in what CARMAR wants to meet during this year, and that was elaborated with the new Board of the company during 2015.
We are convinced that our Customers and Providers that are turning to be our Partners will also feel the success and the improvement during the year.
CARMAR is modernized
Barcelona, 12/23/2015
CARMAR is under a process of modernization and professionalization in order to continue our Strategy to be the leader of our Sector.
One of the points to achieve this strategy is to structure the company in the right way.
To enhance the focus of excellence, it has been decided to strengthen two key departments of the company.
Those departments are:
  • Marketing & Customer services, to improve our image and communication with our Partners, in order to become pro-active with the market needs
  • Human Resources, as the heart of CARMAR is our people, and we see clear that if this asset is not kept well, this will affect the final service to our Customers
We hope that soon, our Partners and Suppliers will start to notice such changes, and this entails greater satisfactions of our product.
Raul Fores takes over at CARMAR as managing director to become a leader for the insular distribution
Barcelona, 11/17/2015
The new Managing Director of Carmar Soluciones Logísticas, Raul Fores, wants to place the company as the market leader for the Insular Distribution.
Fores, who has extensive experience on International Logistics Business, has already start to work in designing a strategy that will allow the relaunch of the company, thanks to new products, new markets and improvement of the operating systems, placing it as a leader in this market segment.
Imporving our call center services
Barcelona. 11/10/2015
We would like to inform our Customers and Partners, that following CARMAR Continuous Improvement mentality, our new timing for the call center department will be from 8:00 hours till 19:00 hours non stop. 
If you have any question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us on any of our landlines or through the phone number 902 042 900.
If you wish, you can also get in touch with CARMAR, using our WEB page (Get in contact head).
CARMAR informs about public holidays for each internal region for the year 2016
Public Holidays 2016
Barcelona, 11/02/2015
With this communication we would like to give constancy about the Official Public Holidays for year 2016, that has been published on October the 19th of 2015, in the BOE (Boletin Oficial del Estado).
The document, that unfortunately is in Spanish, shows per each Regional Community and for the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, their chosen days, where offices will remain close.
Agreement between Carmar and Toyota for total renovation of warehouse equipment.
Barcelona, 05/10/2015
Following our desire to improve the quality policy of CARMAR, CARMAR has decided during the month of July, to closed a deal with our Partner Toyota, in order to unify the Material Handling Equipment used in our warehouses.
 The main reasons for this change have been based on:
  • Reduction of environmental pollution that could cause few diesel trucks still forming part of the fleet
  • Modernization of trucks with more sophisticated equipment to generating  efficiencies and improvements
  • All focused to improve the services to our clients, reducing potential dust  and improving the management of their products
This relationship will extend at least for a period of 5 years during which Toyota and CARMAR will seek constantly for improvement of the machinery and the achievement of common objectives.
Francisco Pina joins Carmar Soluciones Logísticas
Francisco Pina, ficha por Carmar Soluciones Logísticas
Barcelona, 26/08/2015
Francisco Pina joins Carmar Soluciones Logísticas as the new director of the Carmar office in Barcelona. This professional with more than 35 years of experience in the logistics sector wants to contribute to the growth and improvement of the company in the competitive market of the distribution to the Canary and Balearic Islands.
Carmar opens new office in Valencia
Valencia. 01/05/2015
Hereby we are pleased to announce that following our policy of constant improvement of the service, we have opened a local office in Valencia. To manage it as a director, Antonio García Domenech has joined us, a professional with wide experience in this area.
The new address is:

City of Gibraltar, 20-22
Polígono Industrial Fuente del Jarro
46988 Paterna (Valencia)
Tel. 960900711
E-mail valencia@carmar.es
Such office is fully operational and at your disposal, from May 4, 2015.

We would also like to point out that at the same time the company Carmar Levante S.L., ceases to represent us for all purposes in this community.
CARMAR Board meeting for 2016
Barcelona 28/01/2016
All Board members of CARMAR together with all Branch Managers and Sales team, have celebrate a meeting on January the 19th of 2016 in Barcelona, in order to launch and follow the 2016 CARMAR strategy.
All together, have start the engine of CARMAR for this 2016 in order to succeed in what CARMAR wants to meet during this year, and that was elaborated with the new Board of the company during 2015.
We are convinced that our Customers and Providers that are turning to be our Partners will also feel the success and the improvement during the year.