Specialists in maritime transport to the Balearic and the Canary Islands.

From our foundation in the mid-1950s until now....we moved for you.


Our history

Carmar Soluciones Logísticas S.L. was founded in the mid-1950’s by Don Pere Brullas Tarragó under the business name ‘Transbrullas’. In 1982, following the death of its founder, his son Pere Brullas Tomas took over the company as administrator.  In 1986 the company was renamed ‘Carregues Maritimes Insular S.L.’, best known as ‘Carmar’.

In 2012 Carregues Maritimes Insular S.L. “Carmar” merged with the company ‘Estrella Insular’, specialists in maritime transport and distribution to the Canary Islands.  With this merger the new company Carmar Soluciones Logísticas S.L y Carmar became part of the business group Perez & Cía.


One philosophy, with a single destiny.

Carmar Soluciones Logísticas S.L has specialised in maritime transport to both the Balearic and Canary Islands, providing service to each and every one of the different islands of the Spanish territory. Our main business goal is to guarantee quality service at all times, and for this reason we count on a great team of professionals. We have our own branches on the peninsula as well as the islands, allowing us to have complete control of all goods at all times and to be able to provide the best distribution at every location.

We offer a reliable and proven service that guarantees our clients the highest standards either in Transportation, customs or logistical services.

Currently we are the oldest company in the market having offered uninterrupted service for more than 60 years.  Our professionalism and experience endorse our brand and image in the sector.   


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